The year of gaming

After the most recent annual Steam summer sale, I started to take a look at the number of games I’ve amassed in the last few years. I have 367 games in my library, not including the games in my inventory that I bought during the sale to store for safekeeping. A large number of them I’ve never played, mostly getting them through cheap sales and hoping to come around and play them eventually, or from cheap name-your-price bundle sales elsewhere that offered Steam keys. But if I sat down, for a whole year, and played one game a day, I would get through the bulk of them. Sure, it’d be a virtual victory; I couldn’t put this on my LinkedIn account and expect my future employer to NOT be a gross neckbeard. But it would be nice to be able to say I’d played them instead of letting them grow “fallow” in my library. Thus, this challenge is born:

The Year of Gaming!

I will play one game a day, for 365 days, and post about every single one. I will mock them, bless them, sneeze on them, and then move to another game the next day. Other than the one-a-day setup, the other rules of this challenge are as such:

1. I will try my best to not only play, but beat the game in the time I have left for the gaming challenge each day.

2. Games I have played previously are, well, game for this challenge. But on their allotted day, I will pick them up and play them with the same vigor as I would a brand new game. I will also mention in posting it that this is the case.

3. 365 days is not a firm set thing. For instance, there are times when I leave my delicious computer and go frolic up in the mountains at Luke’s mom’s woodland hideout. I obviously cannot complete the challenge on those days. Other holidays, like 4th of July coming up on Friday, will also prevent me from completing the challenge. I will complete 365 days of gaming though. It may take more than a year, but I will be true to the spirit of this challenge.

4. The post I write will give the following info:

  • Name of the game
  • Generally how far I got (this will contain spoilers, and no I will not use tags, cover your eyes, you precious flower)
  • A review
  • Screenshots. Delicious screenshots.
  • How to get said game

5. I will give the list of the next seven games I will be reviewing after completing the last seven posts. This will give me a guideline for my near-future gaming, and allow the dear reader some modicum of expectation.

6. Six six six six six, six six siiiiix. Six! Six six six six six six; six six, six six six six six.

7. Along with the seven games I will post about, I will also consider any suggestion in the form of comments on the 7-day update. I will also show the suggestions for the past “week”.

So let’s get started.

The first seven games will be:

1. Call of Juarez Gunslinger


3. Geneforge 1

4. Hard Reset

5. Oil Rush

6. Puzzle Bots

7. Shad’O

I will start 1 later today, after work, when I’ve not slacked off.



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