Year of Gaming 2: EDGE

EDGE is a simplistic 3D platformer where you play as… a cube.

Yes, a cube, with a hang-time! I’m completely serious. In EDGE, your goal for each map is to make it to the flashing square… thing, while picking up other flashing cube… things. Ok, so this game doesn’t give you a lot of descriptives, but it’s easy enough to pick up. Well, except for hang-time, where you can balance on one of your cube edges and use this to travel over obstacles and gaps. It looks cool, check out around 30 seconds of this video to see what I mean, but is easier said than done. So except for the hang time, it seems easy, right? NO. Thanks to the perspective of the FOV, sometimes it’s a little difficult to remember which direction on the keyboard will be the direction on the map. Your cube also has some inertial resistance to starting and stopping movement, which is GREAT when you are trying to pull off complicated movements (read: sarcasm). For a simple little game, it takes a lot of frustration and rage quitting, which I did about 4 times, to get anywhere.

Another nice thing they do is grade you like in school based on how many other cubes you collected, how many of your own cubes you killed off trying to make it through ONE GODDAMNED OBSTACLE and how long it took. Get ready for your self-esteem to be shredded.

Do I recommend it, though? I guess. It’s a puzzle game like any other; an extremely well-designed and interestingly physics-ish one, but it’s got the same shit they all have. The music is ok, which is somehow a major selling point to this game. Don’t let the ads fool you, though, because they recycle the music, and some of the more upbeat tracks just mock you while you are dying over and over and over again. Fuck you, bip-boops. Out of the 48 levels in this game, I made it through 31 before completely giving up, which isn’t too bad. There are some good points to it, I’ll admit it, and once you get used to using the hang-time it’s somewhat enjoyable.

may go back to it and completely finish it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

If you want to undo years of psychotherapy and anger management, you can find this game on Steam and as well as the occasional indie bundle.


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